I had two presentations at INFORMS San Francisco 2005.  Here’s the session info.

  1. Optimal Call Center Capacity Allocation Model,” by W. Lin, A. Dhawan, S. Myles, and S. Venkatachalam

    Abstract:  The presentation describes the call volume allocation process, business constraints, and areas of improvement needed. The mathematical model (Linear Programming) that was built to optimally allocated call volumes and the detailed formulation of this model will be explained. The authors will compare the performance of this optimization with the current process and quantify the monetary benefits of using this model in real operations.

  2. Optimization Strategies for Resolving Inventory Problems in Customer Service Repair Centers,” by S. Myles, V. Buraparate, and T. Thruston

    Abstract:  The authors discuss an overall process for inventory management over the entire life cycle of consumer product support. Challenges and opportunities that exist in the current process are identified. The optimization techniques that fit the situation in different phases of the product life cycle (e.g., New Product Introduction (NPI) and End-of-Life (EOL)) will be shared along with the results of their implementation.