n. 1. Of, relating to, or being a logarithmic function with a normal distribution. 2. occasional musings, projects, and such ("blog posts") by Steve Myles (a.k.a. some guy from Texas).

Lognormality (the blog)
     Pinned post     An introduction to this blog

Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions
     I recently completed the MIT Professional Education course Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions

The Noodle Man
     I was an extra in a friend's short film.

     Embedding (R)Markdown files hosted on GitHub pages in tumblr pages with iframes

Presenting Data and Information Seminar
     I attended Edward Tufte's one-day visualization seminar earlier this week

Survey Analysis in R with the Likert and NPS Packages
     Using the Likert and NPS packages to visualize survey data

Breweries (and such), Visualized
     Breweries I've visited, visualized with Tableau

EOQ/EPQ Calculators
     Economic Order Quantity/Economic Production Quantity Shiny App

phonenumber v.0.2.2 - machine phase matter
     new version of phonenumber R package

mlsjunkgen v.0.1.1 - Masked Rider
     new version of mlsjunkgen R package