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19 November 2017 | | categories: main | blog archive

Lognormality is my new blog.

Why did I create this when I’ve had a tumblr for years and used it as a blog from time to time?

The idea is for this to be more “professional” and Memorylessness (my tumblr) to be more “fun.” I’ve imported some posts from there (where they continue to reside – redundant, I know), focusing on those about what I’ve created/done related to analytics/operations research.

Going forward, this will feature analytics projects and such while Memorylessness will continue to feature other projects, movie posters, videos (including ones I’ve taken), etc.

This blog probably won’t be updated very frequently (if the last couple of years are any indication; there was one post that fit the above criteria in 2016 and there has been only one so far in 2017).

What’s with the name?

I named my tumblr Memorylessness a long time ago because I’m fascinated by the concept of memorylessness. When coming up with names for other sites, I’ve continued the “math nerd” theme from time to time.

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