Saint Arnold Fermenters by scumdogsteev photo credit: scumdogsteev

-[ background ]-

Some things I like:

I figured it was time to combine these.

-[ breweries, visualized ]-

This Tableau workbook shows all of the breweries I have visited, including the date of first visit, their location, whether or not I visited with my wife. The data are represented in both table and map form. By selecting a brewery, the user can see a picture I took there if available (if unavailable, the user sees this clipart) as well as a link to that brewery’s website. Additionally, the user can filter the data based on whether the visit was part of a specific event or event series.

-[ update 03/25/18 ]-

It recently occurred to me that I’ve been to a couple of wineries, too. Given that it’s unlikely that the number of wineries I’ve visited will approach the number of breweries anytime soon, I’ve added them here and changed the name of the workbook to “Breweries (and such), Visualized.” This way, if I ever visit any distilleries, I can add them here, too.