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30 June 2019 | | categories: other | blog archive

The Noodle Man poster by Mazzy Studios photo credit: Mazzy Studios

Check out my friend Dream’s short film, The Noodle Man, on Amazon Prime (free for Prime members).

It’s loosely based on his life - guy grows up in a family-owned Thai restaurant, then becomes a struggling actor who ultimately turns to doing Thai food pop-ups to pay the bills.

Recommended for: people from Lubbock who are familiar with Choochai and/or Choochai Today, people who went to Lubbock High and know Dream, people in LA (where Dream was based for a long time), people in Austin (where Dream is based now - seriously, ATX people, go eat his food, it won’t disappoint), anyone who’s eaten Dream’s food on one of his cross-country Thai food pop-up tours, anyone who likes Thai food, people who have 18 minutes to spare.

This film screened at the 2019 Rom Com Fest in Los Angeles on 6/23. It’s also being shown at a few other venues around the country as Dream travels and cooks.

And hey, I’m in it (briefly; blink and you’ll miss me).