I’m not going to INFORMS in Seattle this year, but I am a co-author on two presentations:

  1. “Forecasting and Planning Diagnostic Techniques for Service Operations” (first author, along with V. Buraparate and A. Dhawan; to be presented in the “Operations Management” session on Tuesday November 6 from 4:30 – 6:00pm)

    Abstract: The authors propose a systematic methodology to identify problems existing in the forecasting and planning processes for service operations. This procedure enables the identification of areas where improvement is needed and also helps aid the Operations Research Analyst in the selection of appropriate tool(s) to resolve these issues. This process has been deployed in several consumer electronics service operations (e.g., contact and repair centers) and examples will be shared.

  2. “Inventory Control for Automated Drug Dispensing Machines: A Service Level Policy” (corresponding author, along with J. Kobza, S. Dunagan, G. Heath, and S. Liman; Dr. John Kobza is presenting this work I did for my MS degree because INFORMS only allows each person to be listed as first author on one paper; to be presented in the “Inventory Management” session on Wednesday November 7 from 3:30 – 5:00pm)

    Abstract:The authors present a service level inventory policy for automated drug dispensing machines. Through simulation, it is shown that there could be a significant reduction in pharmaceutical shortages for a case study hospital. A pilot study was also performed to validate the simulation results. The model performed well compared to theoretical predictions and pre-implementation data.

Finally, my MS research is being presented. Look for the presentation here after it’s given in Seattle. The paper will probably be posted here at some point as well.