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10 November 2010 | | categories: informs, orms | blog archive

I got home from INFORMS 2010 yesterday.  It was a good conference.  I learned a lot and met some interesting people, but I’m glad to be home.

On Tuesday evening, I met Kay-Yut Chen.  He’s an economist at HP Labs, and he wrote a book called Secrets of the Moneylab:

Secrets of the Moneylab offers practical lessons being put to use right now at HP and other leading companies. It explains, for instance, how to:

  • Use incentives to influence employees, suppliers, and buyers
  • Determine whom to trust, and how much
  • Reduce the negative effects of irrational behavior by noticing patterns that don’t seem logical—but are utterly predictable
  • Overcome the human tendency to game the system
  • Profit from motives beyond money

I’m looking forward to reading it.  While I’m guessing it’s directed at a firm’s management, I’m sure it will be interesting.