Madame Curious, Science Investigator by Harold S. Winograd K8 School in Greeley, Colorado photo credit: Harold S. Winograd K8 School in Greeley, Colorado

Madame Curious is coming to visit me.

Madame Curious is the creation of the students in fifth grade at Harold S. Winograd K8 School in Greeley, Colorado. She is our way of bringing scientists and science research back to our classroom. We are interested in all kinds of science and want to know what you are creating, researching, and learning. Since we can’t take field trips to science labs, we want Madame Curious to bring them to us through this wikispace. If you are interested in having Madame Curious visit your science lab or field study, she would love to come.

Fifth grade science teacher (and Mme Curious’s friend) Ms. Sage contacted me through National Lab Day to arrange the visit.  (Here’s the NLD Project Page.)  Mme Curious has already visited several scientists around the country, where she’s participated in some hands-on experiments.  It should be interesting for the students to see the variety of jobs held by people with science/engineering/math backgrounds.